Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Monica Belluci - Age Defying Enigma

Monica Belluci is an Italian Actress and Model. Working in Italian movies paved her way to Hollywood movies. She is widely regarded as a sex symbol and also acclaimed as one of the most beautiful women.  She is popular for her Age-defying Beauty .  We take it as a privilage to make you familiar with this iconic woman. Below are some of her hot pictures of the Beaut herself.


This exemplary still from her early years is more than enough to redefine your definition of beauty.


This one will sparkle your world and glitter your soul. It is remarkable that the cameras can capture such charisma.


Yes, she is the one who rules every heart there is. She is what the dictionary calls Perfect.


They say your pupils expand when you are looking at something beautiful. Wonder how much will they expand when they get a load of her boldness.


She just enlightens the view. The scene becomes beyond perfect with her in it. Wouldn’t you say?

Your heart is now hers. She will do with it as she pleases.

Just so you know , this is what Real Beauty looks like.

She steals hearts, yet you are the one who will pay.


Another one which explains why she is the greatest sex symbol.


Gracing your view in a backless piece. Those curls suit her so much. She seems like a black hole, because she is sucking the life out of me.


Bow down, for you are in the presence of a goddess. Blessed is the tub in which she bathes.


Pulling off red with black. Name someone who can pull it like she does. I dare you.

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